Why Advertising is an Investment not a Cost

Advertising your property is something some sellers and agents see as a cost.

Some agents purport that advertising is simply a means to raise a sales agent’s profile and, of course, this should be avoided.

Some agents seriously go as far as to warn sellers not to sign anything asking you to pay for advertising! Unbelievable!!!

What these sellers and agents don’t understand is the simple fact that advertising is an INVESTMENT into the sale of your property and the outcome you are trying to achieve.

Every property requires a bespoke approach to showcase it in its best light. There are plenty of options at your disposal and it comes down to what your property needs to stand out from the crowd and what you are comfortable in investing into the sale of your home.

The quality and quantity of your marketing will directly impact the quality and quantity of your Buyers, and it is important to understand what this means for you and your property.

Simply taking a few photos is not marketing… that’s why we bring in the professionals!

We advertise on all of the major real estate portals as well as social media channels and constantly liaise with buyers that we currently know so you can take comfort in knowing that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to showcasing your home.

If there is little or no marketing, you are relying solely on the finite amount of people within an agent’s database (nobody else knows about it!). This option can work however, you will never be truly sure if you are getting the best price for your home; you are only getting the first price. The importance of choosing the best marketing campaign is to find the best buyer that is going to pay the most for your property.

If the market does not know about the sale, how do we know that there wasn’t someone out there willing to pay more?

Is the no sale / no charge sales process really as good as it sounds?

Does it mean the agent is going to work harder to get your house sold?

Saving a couple of thousand dollars on marketing / advertising or ‘no frills’ services could actually be costing you tens of thousands of dollars in the end result!

Any good sales agent understands marketing is an investment and a crucial and critical part of the sales process.

Remember, if you need any help or advice, we are just a phone call away.

All the best, Simon.

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