Are Interest Rates Going Up or Down?

If you missed ABC News this week, check this out!!!

Inflation will fall to 3 per cent year-on-year by mid-2024.

This news is a relief for many as it indicates that interest rate rises are unlikely in the near future. With the cost of living already being a strain on many, the idea of rising interest rates was a cause for concern for a lot of people.

The decrease in inflation is a positive sign for the economy and for everyday Australians. It means that the cost of goods and services is stabilizing, which can bring some peace of mind to those who have been feeling the pinch.

As we await the Reserve Bank’s decision next week, it’s comforting to know that the likelihood of interest rate hikes is low. Let’s hope that this trend of lower inflation continues, bringing some much-needed relief to households across the country.

To see the full article from the ABC, click HERE

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