Can you Build a Second Dwelling on Your Property for ANYONE to Live in?

The State Government recently made legislative changes that lifted restrictions around the relationships of occupants living in secondary dwellings, which now allow them to be rented out to anyone.

In an effort to protect the enviable amenity of our beautiful Redlands Coast, Redland City Council is introducing provisions around the size and scale for secondary dwellings in its City Plan, while continuing to support their use as affordable housing options.

What does this mean for you?

Small-scale secondary dwellings that adopt the acceptable criteria and are subordinate to the principle dwelling will continue to not require Council approval and will not be levied infrastructure charges under the changes.

However, larger secondary dwellings you need to be aware of the updated provisions when designing the proposal. The new provisions provide a guide to what is considered a secondary dwelling as opposed to a dual occupancy.

You will need to consider what definition is the best fit for your development, taking into consideration that secondary dwellings, by definition, are to be “used in conjunction with, but subordinate to, another dwelling on the lot”.

Changes to the Amenity and Aesthetics Policy and Guidelines.

On 1 February 2024, changes to the Amenity and Aesthetics Policy and Guideline will take effect, along with changes to the Adopted Infrastructure Charges resolution.

Cr Karen Williams said “These proposed amendments are about putting a definition around what is considered ‘subordinate’ in terms of a secondary dwelling to the main dwelling.”

“In some cases, secondary dwellings resembling a dual occupancy in size and operation were being established and they had an impact on residential amenity.”

 “This goes beyond the original intent where secondary dwellings were more commonly built as granny flats for elderly parents, or teenager retreats for adult children.”

“The legislative changes were intended to provide people with more access to housing options and this was an excellent outcome.”

“Infrastructure charges have been minimised under this amendment to encourage this additional housing in our city. However, unlike other councils in south-east Queensland, our City Plan does not contain provisions to ensure secondary dwellings do not negatively impact on the amenity and character of the surrounding neighbourhood.”

Previously a dwelling house could include a secondary dwelling, however, the occupants of each dwelling had to be part of one household. They had to be individuals who intended to live together on a long-term basis and who made provision for food and other essentials for living.

“If these more significant homes are not paying infrastructure charges, it means the wider community are picking up the bill for infrastructure upgrades required to service large secondary dwellings,” she said.

“The State Government changes will have some unintended outcomes for Redlands Coast if these changes are not made.”

If you are considering building a second dwelling on your property, ensure you do your research and due diligence, talk to the Council and check out their guidelines for Secondary Dwellings HERE.

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All the best, Simon Salm

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