Questions to Ask Your Potential Real Estate Agents

In my last blog, I explained the process of how to choose your real estate agent including the types of tactics used by bad agents to secure your listing.

This time, we will cover the questions you should be asking your potential real estate agents.

Thanks to our years of experience, we have compiled a list of question to ask your potential real estate agent to see if their values and ideas align with yours.

It will help you determine their skill level and experience, as well as give you an insight into their knowledge of the property market. It will also help you decide whether you are going to entrust your property to their care.

Experience and Qualifications:

How long have you been working as a real estate agent?

Are you a full-time real estate agent, or is this a part-time job for you?

What types of properties do you specialize in (residential, commercial, luxury, etc.)?

Can you provide references from past clients?

Local Market Knowledge:

How familiar are you with this specific neighbourhood or area?

How many properties have you sold in this area?

Can you share recent sales data for similar properties in this area?

What trends have you observed in this market recently?

Marketing Strategy:

How do you plan to market my property?

What platforms and channels do you use to promote properties?

Do you use a professional photographer?

Do you work with a professional property stager?

Communication and Availability:

How often and through what means will you communicate updates to me?

Are you available on weekends and evenings, considering my schedule?

What’s your preferred method of communication (email, phone, text)?

Are you available to do open homes throughout the week and on Sundays, not just the standard Saturday open home?

Pricing and Negotiation:

How do you determine the right marketing price for my property?

Can you provide examples of successful negotiations you’ve conducted?

What strategies do you use to ensure the best contract conditions for your clients?

Contracts and Legalities:

How well do you understand real estate contracts and regulations?

Can you walk me through the typical process from offer to settlement?

Do you work with a legal team or have access to legal resources when needed?

Client Representation:

How do you prioritize and balance the needs of multiple clients simultaneously?

Can you explain how you will best look after me and my interests?

Team and Support:

Do you work alone, or do you have a team to assist you?

What roles do your team members play, and how will they be involved in my transaction?

Client Services:

What additional services do you provide beyond buying/selling assistance?

Can you recommend reputable service providers like building and pest inspectors, financiers, etc.?

Continuing Education and Improvement:

How do you stay updated on industry trends and changes in real estate laws?

Have you received any specialized training or certifications?

Success Metrics:

What metrics do you use to measure the success of your services?

Can you share examples of challenging deals you’ve successfully managed?

How do you handle situations where a deal doesn’t go as planned?

Have you won any awards outside your own agency, or ones in which you don’t nominate yourself for?

These questions can serve as a starting point for an interview with your potential real estate agents. Tailor them to your specific needs and concerns to ensure that you gather all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Remember, if you are thinking of selling or need any help or advice, I am just a phone call away.

All the best, Simon Salm

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