We’re Getting Our Buns Out!

Firstly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and managed to have a break, we are just so blessed to live in our little piece of paradise here in the Redlands!

Last week marked the 20th year we have been delivering our delicious hot cross buns to our highly valued “clients for life”, and what a mammoth effort it is!

It was a bit more difficult this year as normally we would deliver in the week prior to Easter and the start of the school holidays however, this year, the holidays were already upon us.

So, the team hit the phones to call every client we could get in contact with, letting them know we would be delivering earlier this year, just in case anyone had gone away.

A number of our new clients were quite shocked (in a good way) when they realised we were actually giving them something free…who does that, right? Well, we do!

Why do the team personally spend days driving around delivering buns (and mangoes at Christmas)?

We believe our job is not just to sell your home, take our commission and that’s the end of the relationship. We have made some very long-lasting, true friendships with our clients, some I have personally known and helped for over 30 years in this industry!

Some people have said “Oh, that will only last for a year or two”, but that’s not the case at all.

One of our very long-time clients, Tina, posted on facebook after receiving her buns, “Thanks so much for the call to confirm my delivery for this year. As mentioned I’m leaving the Redlands next week for a new life in the country….so after I think almost 20 years of receiving Simon’s famous deliveries….It’s time for someone else to share in this generosity! Thanks Simon and Team for all your service and advice over the years.”

Carole shared, “Thank you Simon and team for the delicious hot X buns, I’m still in awe of you guys, it’s nearly 10 years since you and your wonderful team sold my house. Thank you for all the lovely treats throughout the year, I do appreciate them.”

We believe our job doesn’t stop when we hand over your keys, we help wherever and whenever we can. We support so many local businesses and simply love giving back to our community. We are currently in preparation for our Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea promotion where we invite our clients to join our table and help support the Cancer Council’s Redlands Branch raise some much needed funds.

I think of it this way, once you find a good Accountant do you use their services for one year then find someone else or, do you return year after year because they gave you great service, got you a fantastic return and their after-care service was top notch?!

In short, like every industry, not all real estate agents are the same, so remember, if you need any help or advice, we are just a phone call away.

All the best, Simon.

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