Why are so many Interstate Buyers Moving to the Redlands Coast?

If you live in the Redlands, you know exactly why people would want to move to our beautiful city! We have a vibrant growing community with significant environmental, open space and rural areas complimented by a compact urban footprint and close proximity to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Redlands is a popular destination for interstate migration within Australia due to its favourable climate, lifestyle, and economic opportunities. The housing market has experienced increased demand from interstate buyers in recent years, particularly from states like New South Wales and Victoria.

I read a very interesting article recently stating that of the 30,026 people who moved within Australia over the 5 years to 2021, 50.9% of those moved to Redland City!1

So, what draws interstate buyers to our amazing Redlands Coast?

  1. Lifestyle and Natural Beauty:  The Redlands is known for its natural beauty, including picturesque coastal areas, islands, and scenic landscapes. We have a relaxed lifestyle with opportunities for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and beachcombing, and a highly desirable coastal lifestyle. The region’s natural attractions and beauty draws both intrastate and interstate buyers seeking a sea change.
  • Proximity to Brisbane: Taking roughly 30 minutes to get into the heart of Brisbane City is very attractive to interstate buyers who want to enjoy a quieter residential area while having access to urban amenities, employment opportunities, and services in Brisbane.
  • Affordability and Property Market: When you compare the property prices in the Redlands to those on the outskirts of Sydney or Melbourne, the Redlands offers a more affordable lifestyle and more cost-effective housing solutions to many interstate buyers.
  • Education and Infrastructure: The Redlands is renowned for its high-quality education facilities including schools, colleges, and tertiary institutions with many international families moving to the Redlands specifically for these facilities. The Redlands also offers essential infrastructure such as healthcare services including both state and private hospitals, shopping centres, varied recreation amenities, dining and entertaining options, rail link to Brisbane and beyond.
  • Employment Opportunities: While the Redlands may not have a significant number of major employment hubs within its boundaries, its proximity to Brisbane provides access to a wider range of job opportunities in various industries.

I love the Redlands and have been helping people buy and sell in this beautiful area for over 40 years. Remember, if you are thinking of selling or need any help or advice, I am just a phone call away.

All the best, Simon

Source: 1 profile.id.com.au/Redland/migration

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