Ben Parr

HONESTY, SERVICE AND TRUST are the three pillars that Ben stands by in real estate, forming an integral part of his mentality and drive in the industry. These are not just a few words that are thrown around to sound nice, approachable or trustworthy, it is a dedication to looking after people and their needs with uncompromising service as he has done so throughout his career. After 15 successful years in the restaurant and wine industry, his passion and focus turned to the real estate industry where he brings the same commitment to the largest and most important transaction of people’s lives.

Ben has aligned himself with the RE/MAX Bayside Properties team under Simon Salm and with over 100 years of combined real estate experience, the team is dynamic, professional, trustworthy and dedicated. This was important to Ben in his vision to look after people and ensure that he was working alongside the right team with the right mindset.

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